Lost In The Moment

The older I get, the easier it is to get lost in the moment during a show. By opening yourself to it, you invite your band mates and the audience to join in. They leave a lasting emotional impact. It’s another reason why people come back for more.

New Orleans Music Is Always Relevant

This is what’s important about New Orleans music: It’s always important. It’s always relevant. No matter what age group. Today’s kids are still going to Mardi Gras parades and hearing second line rhythms and songs like “Hey Pocky Way” in the...

Each Song Has What It Needs

When we were recording “River’s On Fire”, I wasn’t worried how we would play the songs live. I just wanted to make sure each song had everything it needed and then we would figure out how to perform it live later.

An Amalgamation

What I call New Orleans music is an amalgamation. We always use the reference of a gumbo. Our music is like a pot of gumbo, where all of these different ingredients are thrown into the pot and what comes out is as unique as the cook stirring the pot. I play New...

Rick Wakeman’s Influence

Another big early Hammond organ influence on me was Rick Wakeman with Yes. I really liked “Roundabout” when it hit the radio. I loved it on the live record “Yessongs.” His work on the studio records was incredible but hearing him perform it in a live...