It’s been a long time planning and I’m thrilled to announce that River’s on Fire will finally be released on Friday, August 26th. We will celebrate the release at Tipitina’s that night.

River’s on Fire consists of 11 original songs covering everything from a good time to devastating heartache. There’s funk, New Orleans Rock n Roll, thoughtful ballads and even Reggae! I enlisted the best to help make this record sound as great as it does: Brian Stoltz handled the guitars, Eric Vogel the bass, Russ Broussard played drums, Mike Dillon on percussion, and an all-star cast of background vocalists, Susan Cowsill, Vicki Peterson, Erica Falls, Jelly Joseph, Mark Carson, John Couvillon and The Shades of Praise Interracial Gospel Choir! The production team of Co-Producer Tracey Freeman, Recording Engineer David Farrell, and Mixing Engineer Trina Shoemaker give the depth and detail for each song’s personality to entranse the listener.