Dreams do come true!

Bill Payne, Little Feat’s legendary keyboardist, called me and asked me if I would fill in for him with Little Feat for a week long event in January.  He was contractual obligated to play with The Doobie Brothers that same week and was unable to do both. After consulting with Paul Barrere, they decided to give me a call. Whoa! You know I said YES!  So the scoop is, it’s Little Feat’s annual Fan Festival in Jamaica and also includes Jackson Browne, The Midnight Ramble Band and Larry Campbell with Teresa Williams. No doubt this will be one of “those” special gigs that I’ll be pinching myself over and over again.

Here’s the press release from Little Feat,

From Little Feat about their January show in Jamaica – “Unfortunately, Billy won’t be with us this year due to conflicting schedule commitments, Paul says. “But having the Ramble Band’s Brian Mitchell sit in on keys will definitely add some flavor. And speaking of flavor, we’ve invited Papa John Gros to join us as well. For those that don’t know about John, he’s a wonderful keyboardist from New Orleans.

“Both of these guys are masters at blending rock and roll, funk and rootsy Americana into genre-bending gumbo. Kinda like Feat, if I do say so myself! Fred and I have worked with John many times on our trips to New Orleans, so we plan on having a bit of a Mardi Jah Mon! It will be funky for sure. So get your rooms early and come join us for the fun in the sun.”

Billy adds, “I have had the pleasure of playing with both these cats and I can think of no one else more suited. When I started to think about who could take this on, they were the two players at the top of my list. I have spoken with both Brian and John and I can say they are both looking forward to being a part of our wonderful event and they will play some inspired music for everyone to soak in.