“It is the hardest of roads and the steepest of climbs but the reward of accomplishment will rise to the top and last forever.”

This was a comment I made on a friend’s Facebook post challenging other musician’s to be creative and to quit bitchin’ about playing gigs that cater to the “common denominator” crowd. Although I agreed with his original post, I felt it demeaning to those who choose, enjoy and excel in that environment. There’s no point to separate us, as musicians we need to strengthen and unify. I’ve played my share of gigs trying appeasing to the masses and have also been fortunate to perform original music all over the world. I choose to continue that journey of writing, recording and performing my own music. I am also aware of the daily, relentless effort it takes to succeed doing that. The satisfaction I receive from each one of you when you applaud or scream after a song, say thank you, tell a story about how one of my songs or shows became a part of your life or simply show up to hear me play is what compelled me to respond to this post with the hopes of encouraging those who choose this same arduous journey. I am constantly reminded of the unspoken bond that we “road dogs” share.

When I read it back a couple times and thought about it, I thought “Damn! that’s a pretty good quote.” So I decided to share it here, then I realized that its not original at all but probably a rip-off of a couple different quotes from Confuscious or Maya Angelou or somebody like that. Either way, I still believe in the quote and the message and want to share it.