I call my Hammond B3 organ “The Commitment.” I bought it about a year (maybe two years) after I bought my first brand new car, a Honda Civic Hatchback. I could pack all my keyboards, speakers, really my entire rig in that car. My two daughters were young at the time and their car seats would also fit. It was the perfect car for me.

And then, I made the leap of faith and bought a 1955 Hammond B3 organ. I had to sell this wonderful Honda Civic to buy a junky beat up used Ford Econoline van just to haul around the organ. If you don’t move it, you can’t play it.

And so, the quality of life went down. But, I was able to move the organ around town and play it on gigs. That’s what set me apart from a lot of the other guys at that time. I was willing to do the work to move it.

I mean, it’s 325 pounds! It’s not easy. I can’t or shouldn’t do it by myself. I need help. It really changed my lifestyle as a gigging, working musician.

That’s why I call it “The Commitment”, because I’m married to the whole process.