John Papa Gros

A Nice Email

A nice email I received… "Hope this finds you well. I am listening to "House of Love" right now and just felt compelled to write you and thank you for such a great song! I am a longtime fan of yours…you are one of my favorite Musicians. This has a deep a meaning for...

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Rick Wakeman

Another big early Hammond organ influence on me was Rick Wakeman with Yes. I really liked "Roundabout" when it hit the radio. I loved it on the live record “Yessongs.” His work on the studio records was incredible but hearing him perform it in a live setting blew me...

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Preparing For Jazz Fest

Preparing for Jazz Fest is challenging. Because every group I play with has a different set of material to prepare. It’s not uncommon to learn and play hundreds of songs. You spend weeks trying to get as organized and familiar with the music and arrangements, so when...

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