Hammond Influence

One album that definitely drew me to the Hammond B3 organ was the first record by the Blues Brothers, “Briefcase Full Of Blues.” I was twelve years old and it was my first time hearing the blues. The band was so incredible. The shuffles that Steve Jordan...


I am very energized with the new band because I am able show a more complete picture of who I am as a musician. There are funk songs, rock ‘n’ roll songs, heart-breaking ballads, and even a reggae tune.

Music Education

I always say that I got my bachelor’s degree at Loyola and I got my masters and doctorate from George Porter Jr.

Background Vocals

The challenging part of performing some of the songs on stage is covering the amazing female background vocals. Erica Falls, Jelly Joseph, Susan Cowsill and Vicki Peterson sing beautifully on the record, but on the road we’re just four ugly dudes.

Respect For The Music

It really doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a rehearsal room with two people working on some new music or you are playing in from of 30,000 or 40,000 people at a festival. There’s no difference in the musical conversation. It’s not like...