It is a lot of fun playing my music with guys who are into what I’m doing. They want to contribute to it. They want to be a part of it. They’re not just doing it to punch a clock.

The Long Haul

I’m doing the best I can to play as many cities as financially possible. The struggle is real. The good news is, I’m in it for the long haul. Which means, I’ll get there eventually.

The City Saved My Soul

How has New Orleans music saved my soul? It’s given me a purpose. There’s such a tradition of New Orleans music. I’m just carrying on and trying to uphold this legendary, historic tradition that changed the world. Louis Armstrong changed the world...

The Ultimate Music Experience

Being there in person is the ultimate music experience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s classical, jazz, punk, rock, rap… it just doesn’t matter. You really get to feel and hear what the artist is trying to convey. And from the stage, the artist can...

Enjoying It

I don’t know how long all of this is going to last, but I sure am going to enjoy it.