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“John “Papa” Gros is a bedrock New Orleans artist, a keyboardist, singer and songwriter who draws on funk, rhythm & blues and Americana songcraft; he also knows his way around the Mardi Gras music repertoire about as well as anyone.” – Keith Spera The New Orleans Advocate

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Lost In The Moment

The older I get, the easier it is to get lost in the moment during a show. By opening yourself to it, you invite your band mates and the audience to join in. They leave a lasting emotional impact. It’s another reason why people come back for more.

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The Central Force In My Music

New Orleans as a city and a culture is the central force in my music. It is the sound that shaped my childhood memories of family celebrations. I have been hearing the sounds and rhythms of Fats Domino, Dr. John and the Meters since I was a young boy. So when I began...

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The Key Questions

I evaluate myself by asking: Do I like what I am writing and playing?Does it represent me?Does it represent my family?Does it represent New Orleans? Those are the only questions. It's really that simple.

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Adding To The Tool Belt

George Porter says, by learning a new song, you acquire new tools to put in your tool belt. Then at the next gig you learn something else and add that to your tool belt. So when you are fifteen, twenty years down the road, you have a full tool belt to work with. The...

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Adding To My Music Vocabulary

Musically, what's challenging to me right now is to just stay fresh by adding something new to my vocabulary. It can be very small and very simple. It doesn't have to be anything complex or a reinvention of the wheel. Just something that keeps me engaged and excited...

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