"Think of Central City as a feel-good drug that doesn’t require any prescription" - Americana Highways

"...pronounced "Gro" with a silent "s"...

“Gros is steeped in New Orleans music tradition, standing at the intersection of funk, R&B, soul and Americana music.” - NOLA.com

The tradition of NOLA piano greats lives on through John 'Papa' Gros." - Glide Magazine

"Central City is the soundtrack to any New Orleans party from Carnival Ball to Crawfish Boil.”

"Central City is John “Papa” Gros’ love letter to his home town, New Orleans." - Ink19.com

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“John “Papa” Gros is a bedrock New Orleans artist, a keyboardist, singer and songwriter who draws on funk, rhythm & blues and Americana songcraft; he also knows his way around the Mardi Gras music repertoire about as well as anyone.” – Keith Spera The New Orleans Advocate

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On The Record

Talking with "On The Record" about creating music, music education, and strangely enough... the sound of a cow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8I1RE2PbbA

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Exploring Songs Live

It's fun exploring songs live. They have to live and breathe every time. We can't just play them by rote. The search to find new ways to make them fresh each and every night is a reward in itself.

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Songwriting With The Piano

Before "River’s on Fire", it had been a long time since I had done any songwriting on the piano. Previously, I had done most of my songwriting on guitar. I found that it forced me to focus on simpler chord choices and arrangements. The piano allows me the luxury to...

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Prep Work

If I’m doing a two hour show, I spend 22 hours a day mentally and physically preparing to give my all for those two hours. That's whether I’m driving or flying across the country, sleeping and / or resting at my house or hotel, or whatever I need to be doing. But 22...

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Stepping Onstage

When I get ready to step onstage and play, I definitely have that mentality of “I'm John Papa Gros and I play Hammond organ and piano and I'm gonna play some New Orleans music for you, right now.” And I'm really serious about it. And that’s when the fun begins.

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