Winner of OffBeat Magazine’s Best of the Beat Award for Best Piano/Keyboardist

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“John “Papa” Gros is a bedrock New Orleans artist, a keyboardist, singer and songwriter who draws on funk, rhythm & blues and Americana songcraft; he also knows his way around the Mardi Gras music repertoire about as well as anyone.” – Keith Spera The New Orleans Advocate

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The Leslie Speaker

The Leslie speaker was designed by Don Leslie to work with the Hammond organ. However, Laurens Hammond, who invented the Hammond organ, hated Leslie and his designs and would not let any of his sales dealers sell the Leslie speakers. It wasn't until the jazz and then...

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A Great Conversation

When you get four or five guys who know each other very well, it’s a great conversation all night long.

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Same Old Same

The song "Same Old Same" from the album "River's On Fire" began with lyrics from Ward, my older brother. They paint a wonderful picture. I was challenged to see how they related to my world and if I could develop them to tell my story. Before I met Becky, my life was...

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When The Fun Begins

When I get ready to step onstage and play, I definitely have that mentality of “I'm John Papa Gros and I play Hammond organ and piano and I'm gonna to play some New Orleans music for you, right now.” And I'm really serious about it. And that’s when the fun...

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